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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 4, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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are, tl golden gate bridge. 50s. closer to the geeolden gate bridge, 70s. a big warmup for the weekend. look at the forecast coming up in a few minutes. now to see what's happening with your tuesday morning drive, here's mike. >> a calm tuesday morning start. we're happy to see that. that should clear up over the next 20 minutes. in fact. it should clear up over the next 10. we're looking over the next 10. we'll take a live look. we had it shift to the right approach and now both sides look like they're calming down. i think all the cash lanes are finally open. back to you. >> thank you very much. 5:00 right now. this morning it's going to be a little harder for the south bay community to wake up. people there can't take a shower or fill their coffee maker this
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morning. their trailer park lost power. it's happening at the hometown american community at quimby in san jose. a live look, in fact. pretty quiet right now. crews may not be able to turn that water back on until tomorrow. management last night brought in a truck full of bottled water and port-a-potties hoping to ease some of the pain. it's not the first time it's been a problem for these residents. two weeks ago a work crew severed a gas line knocking out gas to 200 homes for several days. >> hopefully they get that back soon. a san francisco neighborhood is on high alert right now looking for a package thief with quite the cover. she's posing as a woman posing a baby stroller. we broke this story last night at 11:00. this morning sharon cat suda to show us everyone that was caught on video. good morning, sharon. >> reporter: good morning. the victim has handed the video
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over to police and the video is very clear. you can actually see a woman pushing a stroller in the neighborhood, stopping and walking up a pore torch swipe a package. this apparently happened on bennington. they set up cameras because of the history of the package theft problems in the area. his brother-in-law who was expecting the package was upset to see what happened to it. >> we're tired of stuff happening on our street. we talk to the neighbored a lot because my next-door neighbor's car got broken into, the other neighbor's car also got some stuff stolen. >> reporter: more an more neighbors are setting up security cameras and they're hoping to provide more video to police to catch the thieves. back here live they're is expecting to catch the suspects before the business holiday season when a lot of the packages are delivered to the
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homes. reporting live, i'm sharon katsuda. emergency funds could be on the way to help rebuild after the loma fire. they're asking for mutual aid. right now they say that fire is 85% contain. they hope that it is fully contained by saturday. almost 4,500 acres have been burned so far. 12 homes have been destroyed. to decision 2016 this morning taking us live to virginia where the debate stage is set for the next showdown in the presidential elections. tonight's vice-presidential debate is expected to draw a lot. it will take place at farmville, virginia. right now the trump campaign is trying to put a positive spin to "new york times" investigation into trump's 1995 tax return that showed a $916 million loss.
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the newspaper cited tax experts speculating that trump's losses likely means he avoided federal income taxes for decades. you can watch the vice-presidential debate right here on nbc bay area. the coverage begins tonight after the "nightly news" with lester holt. laura, it's been a violent last several days on the streets of san francisco. here's a map that shows all five places people have been killed. four people were shot. one person was stabbed. one of those deadly shootings happened right by a nightclub with a history of crime. a south bay man accused of stealing and tortured neighborhood pets is scheduled to plead guilty in court today. he's accused of abducting over two dozen cats. this says him snatching one cat from a san jose front yard. when he was arrested they found a dead cat inside of his car.
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>> that's frightening. a booming food delivery company rethinking its growth. it shipped about 8 million prepared meals across the united states. it's become very popular. many come from its facility in richmond. police resfond reports. there were incidents including several assaults. we spoke with one worker who's been with blue apron for only a few weeks but said she's glad to be there. >> people come with attitudes. whatever they've got to do outside of the work site is outside. when you come to work, it's all smiles. >> the company issued this response saying blue apron has never had a final osha determination classified as serious, willful, or repeat. 5:05 right now. what a busy week it is in san francisco. expect plenty of traffic.
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one of the annual conventions kicking into high gear today. dreamforce. it's taking place at the moscone center it starts at 9:00 in the morning with the legos competition that eninvolves bay area students. dreamforce runs all the way through friday. fleet week officially under way. yesterday the navy performed a live evacuation exercise to show how offers evacuate the ship in case of an merge. the blue angels will join them midweek. fleet week runs through sunday. now to nbc bay area responds. if you've about had trouble booking hotels, you're not the only one. >> you stumble on all sorts of things doing this. our team has encountered several hiccups in making reservations. chris chmura is here. the hotel headaches run the gamut, being charged too much, not getting what you paid for. in every case there's been a third party involved, a travel
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agent or website. sometimes that extra layer is helpful. sometimes it complicates matters. so research whether you can eliminate the middle man. contact the hotel directly to make a booking. use the website or call them on the phone the old-fashioned way. it's true that some other websites might offer lower rates but not always. our research has shown rates are equal no matter where you book. even if a third party is cheaper, try calling directly. ask the reservations office to match that rate. the answer might surprise you. i speak from experience on that point. it's worked for me a couple of times. if you have a consumer complaint, just call us, 1-888-996-tips or tomorrow morning protect yourself when buying a used car. >> that's interesting. >> yeah, you always think you're going to get a lower rate. >> i call too. the same thing. >> you're old-fashioned, aren't
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you. >> about some things. >> it's going to be hard to get a hotel around san francisco with all the things going on with the beautiful weather. gorgeous temperatures on the way too. right now 57 degrees. partly cloudy in san jose and a lot of low clouds this morning but without the light rain and drizzle we had yesterday, most of the showers today will be staying well up on the north coast and temperatures inland returning to 270s. around the low 70s for san jose. mid-60s. toward oakland. check it out. the seven-day forecast for fleet week. look at that. 78 degrees on saturday. trending cooler for sunday. and valley temperatures which have been cool, nothing cool about that weekend forecast. 80s. 90 on saturday. and then the sea breeze picks up and we cool down come sunday. mike? >> the cool thing is we cool down. you have your commute. a smooth flow of traffic. we call that 237 as pointed in the last report. that construction going on. another at san diegoer. it should be clearing in the next hour.
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we do see some slowing that may indicate some crews are on the move right now as that tends to skew the data. silicon valley moves very well in the northbound direction. we'll show you the san mateo bridge. a smooth easy drive as well. flat section. clear on the highways. back to you. >> everybody's waking up. >> thank you, mike. coming up next, why plastic bags could be returning to a store near you. plus a major hurricane churning in the caribbean and now parts of the u.s. may be in its path. rob mayeda may be tracking where hurricane matthew just made leaks. >> plus wikileaks promised a blockbuster. did we get one? we'll tell you coming up.
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==sam//anim== happeningoday.==topvo== trying to prevent another millennium tower debacle -- mems department of building happening today, trying to prevent another millennium tower debacle. member of san francisco's building department inspection is looking at construction issues related to soft soils. that topic is pertinent right now with recent findings uncovered by the nbc bay area investigative unit to show that the tower has sunk more than a foot since the project was completed. switching gear, julian assange just wrapped all press conference in europe where he says wikileaks is going to
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release items in the next weeks. >> we don't know what assange has, laura, but he seems pretty confident we'll be shock. we remind you wikileaks has shocked us before. assange appeared on video. he's been trapped in the ecuadorian embassy in london . he promises to release documents about google, mass surveillance, and presidential election. what we did not see was a wayky leak of an october surprise but there wasn't one. he said he's not targeting hillary clinton's campaign specifically but wikileaks in the past has published documents stole about from the democratic national committee. let's get a check of the news before the bell from landon
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dowdy. she's live at cnbc. good morning, landon. stocks fall over the concerns of deutsche bank's financial condition and the plan to exit the european union that set up a better than expected report. the dow drop 5g 4 points to 18,253, the nasdaq down 11 to 25311. >> google is planning to show off their new phone. google calls them pixel. this picture was posted, by the way, by a website called car phone webhouse in new england, apparently too early. they took it down. google previewed much of this as well back in may at the amphitheater. that's where we get our first look at the amazon echo
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competitor. it looks a bit like an air freshener, i think. i think it's funny how many times we have, we've got a secret phone and then somebody somewhere says publish it now? publish it now? no. >> right. >> the communication skills could use a little bit of work. >> you say it looks like an iphone, even on the back, the "g" logo where the apple would be. i thought we were originality. >> even their presentations are very steve jobs. everyone. 5:15. so when you take home your new phone, where are you going to put it? bring back the bags. what do you think of this? plastic bags could be returning to a store near you. two measures are on the november ballot. one measure aims to overturn a ban that governor brown just signed on carry-out bags. the other would be to carry out a 10-cent bag fee. jerry brown supports the bag
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ban. after a week of several small earthquakes, a swarm along the san andreas fault line, it's quieted again. they were worried about a chance of major earthquake. there was a swarm last week that hit around the saltan sea in southern california. just in, category 4 hurricane matthew made landfall in western haiti. this is a look at the storm from ow ter space. the image was released from nasa. it pounded parts of the island nation overnight. thousands of people have been ordered to just get out of the way. the hurricane is pack 1g 40-mile-per-hour winds. it's expected to head north and straddle the florida coast. all right. as we see all of the folks in those countries getting red. jamaica, haiti, these are impoverished places, and we're talking very strong hurricane.
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>> tremendous amounts of rain as it hits the mountain regions, cuba also, haiti as we're seeing now. it will lookly make a second landfall on the eastern tip of cuba. you see this massive storm stretching across the dominican republic. haiti, jamaica to the southwest and now moving toward cuba. it means it has sustained wind speeds of 140 miles per hour. notice the path. we think it will take it right across the bhas. bahamas. we could see a category 3 hurricane. here is all the computer models thrown together known as the spaghetti plot, all the lines where they begin to align and come toward the center. you'll notice now it looks to be right along the east coast as we head toward thursday night. you see how the center of the storm could be right off the florida coast, which means we could be looking at hurricane watches going up across florida, georgia, and the carolinas very likely here in the next 24 hours as, matthew, we think we'll continue to advance up the eastern seaboard.
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may weaken some, but the potential for flooding and significant damage on the coast certainly there this weekend on the coast. now for us we've got lots of low clouds. 50s outside. for the most part the rain has moved on. exception to the rule, peninsula coastline. still a chance of seeing some drizzle as some of the moisture is forced to rise over the hilltops there. inland skies. and temperatures returning to the 70s south of san jose bay but likely staying around the 60s in peninsula. north bay temperatures in the low 70s today once the low clouds clear and partly low clouds around the valley. from here, a bit of a change. we're going to see storms impacting the coast but stay north, we expect, through thursday. friday and saturday as the high builds back fairly strongly as we set up for the weekend. we'll call it summer for a day on saturday as temperatures may have a chance of climbing close to 90 degrees. with the offshore breezes san francisco, too, may be close to
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80 by the start of the weekend. check out the seven-day forecast. starting to rise. by the end of the week, you'll notice upper 70s for the weekend and the valley temperatures climbing into the 80s thursday into friday and then by saturday, near 90 degrees. this after snow and light rain. big change on the way to start the weekend. mike? >> giving you a workout, rob. getting all your weather muscles going there. not much of a workout as far as your commute goes. it's a great way to start this tuesday. we're going to zoom in toward the valley. building volume through livermore and a concern. 680 right here just before that merge with highway 84. reports of a crash involving a big rig. no major injuries and it's off to the shoulder. that's a critical point. we'll track that until chp arrives. meanwhile the rest of your systems are looking good. we have your mass transit systems.
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a lot of traffic. no delays. nothing has lifted here. we do have a gathering for some of those cash payers. back to you. >> thank you. up next. a follow-up to the story of wild bigs. >> plus we'll reveal. the worst traffic in the bay area. >> and more campus concerns at stanford university after another reported sexual assault. what investigators are telling us this morning. we're watching "today in the bay." coming up next. a family in the south bay are
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out of their home this morning -- a fe consed nearly everything around it. it happened on mary court in campbell yesterday. found two ighters arrived they sheds, fences, and telephone poles up in flames. their home after a fire. when the fire team arrived they found two sheds, fences, and a telephone pole up in flames. no one was hurt and investigators are trying to find out what actually caused the fire. the search is ore for the suspect behind a deadly hit-and-run suspect in the south bay. police arrested this man. they say he was behind the wheel when his car hit and killed a man on capital expressway. police say they were able to
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track him down because of evidence actually left at the scene. new detail this morning on a story that we first brought you yesterday on "today in the bay." rape inside of a stanford university dorm room. stanford police tell us that an assault happened friday morning on the east side of campus. a student there, a woman told a campus security guard that a male student who she didn't know raped her inside of his dorm room. this latest incident comes about a month after a former stanford student brock turner was released from jail after an on-campus sexual assault. panel members issued their conclusions earlier this year determining that racial bias is an ongoing problem within the department and one that must be addressed. the panel suggested more oversight for police officers. sfpd has already taken measures to reform its culture. unless you're prepared to hit the roads this morning a new
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report shows the absolute worst parts and i suppose this is all relative of the bay area. >> see if your route is on the list highlighted in blue. three of the top ten spots in santa clara county. what's the most congested zone in the area, according to this study, this section of highway 101. as for the south bay, the worst traffic is said to be southbound 680 near jackson avenue in san jose. those are the hot spots. i feel like anecdotally we can all add some parts that drive us crazy every single morning. maybe not us, but for most people. coming up next, the top stories including the future of the oakland coliseum proper and the raiders. we'll tell you what could be happening later today. plus -- >> and good morning. i'm bob riddell. developing news in the south bay
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where running water will be restored sooner than expected here at this one san jose community. you're watching "today in the bay." got a tip for the bay area's biggest investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips orunit@nb m nbc bay area. we investigate. - hi, it's me. [imitates fanfare]
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good tuesday morning. welcome to bay in t"today in th area. i'm sam brock. >> this is a bobblehead. this is him with his two trophies and these are gi giveaways. my note is there will be traffic around the area. thursday, that's why clay is wearing the sweater. they're playing at s.a.p. center home of the sharks. he probably won't be wearing it during the game, but i don't know. >> is he a shark shooter? >> there's a blue line, but i don't know about the three-point line. >> those will be fun games to go to. these are hot commodities. yes, they are. >> steph is on the set. a lot of us are bobbing our heads and smiling this morning. little clouds to start the
5:30 am
morning. >> wheel see a little bit of drizzle at times around peninsula coastline. as you see on the satellite/radar, most of the showers have moved on. behind it, low level clouds. then by the afternoon, 60s to 70s today, but, boy, that seven-day forecast look as lot like summer as we approach the weekend. coming up, for another check of your morning commute, here's mike. >> things are shaping up really nicely. so far we don't see a lot of volume of traffic. we take you to the south bay where up until five minutes ago we saw a lot of slowing. the road crews have been in place overnight. it looks like they've cleared up because the slowing has cleared from the area. we'll track that. it's just in time for the south bay. the northbound push, we'll see it at 87 and 101. the bay bridge toll plaza has your metering lights on. it was gradual over the last five minutes but now it has finally filled in as far as we can see right here on the
5:31 am
screen. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. at 5:30 right now some families in the south bay are waking up this morning without the ability to take a shower before they head to work and school. no running water at all. this after they were days without power. bon riz zell live in san jose. do we know when they'll get a break? >> we do. good morning to you. we spoke with a man who works for the company that accidentally damaged the main water line here at the hometown mobile home park. he tells us overnight they did fix the line. it's a matter of when the water company will turn on the valve, which he believes will happen sometime today. until then that means moms, dads, and kids won't be able to take a hot shower before they go to work and school and brush their teeth with bottled water and flush their toilets with water from the swimming pool.
5:32 am
two weeks ago construction workers severed gas line leaving homeowners without power. and then they had the mishap with the waterline which did flood part of the roads in the neighborhood. residents are about at the end of their rope. >> it makes me very upset. i have kids and i have to go to work and i can't shower. i haven't showered. >> it's awful. i hate it. but what can we do, you know, unless we all get together. it happened. it's an accident. you know. they didn't do it on purpose. >> nbc bay area did speak with the mobile home park management who tells us that they're also frustrated. they did bring in a truckload of bottled water and port-a-potties to help ease this inscreens. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. 5:32. emergency funds could be on the way to help rebuild after the
5:33 am
loma fire. the board of supervisors is asking for mutual aid. right now the firefighters say the fire is 85% contain and they hope to have it completely contained by saturday. almost 4,500 acres have been burned so far and 12 homes have been destroyed. san francisco police bust up a child porn ring that spanned three california cities. these five men were arrested yesterday. investigators say they upload and distributed child pornography online. police say there are three men who have not yet been located. and a south bay man is in jail this morning accused of sharing inappropriate pictures of children. we brought you this breaking news story yesterday. santa clara county sheriff's deputies arrested dennis vijay cruz in san jose yesterday. they say cruz powe seventied and distributed some 10,000 pornographic pictures of young kids, even toddlers. all right.
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turning to politics now in decision 2016, that is an empty stage in farmville, virginia, home state of tim kaine. it is also where the debate is going to go down for the vice presidential candidates. another instance here where we're expected to see a lot of eyeballs on public policy. tonight is the one and only face-off between these candidates mike pence and tim kaine. now governor pence and senator ca kaine are facing off. donald trump fighting back. tracci tracie? it could take up the whole 90 minutes and it won't be a pretty picture. >> presumably getting ready for his one-and-only debate. at times both have disagreed with their running mates. tonight pence may find himself on defense.
5:35 am
>> i know how to use the tax code to rebuild my company when others didn't have a crew. >> reporter: the 1995 tax return has him explaining why he took such a big loss. nearly a billion dollars in one year, qualifying for nearly two decades of zero taxes. >> what kind of genius loses a billion dollars in the first place. >> trump hasn't confirmed or denied whether he avoided paying taxes. his supporters don't seem to care. >> any good businessman should never pay taxes. >> zero taxes means zero for our vets, zero for our military, zero for pell grants to send young people to college, zero for health, zero for education. >> reporter: hillary clinton is in pennsylvania with others all out campaigning for her. trump's in arizona and he's also pecking up the endorsement from the ohio police union.
5:36 am
tracie potts, nbc news, washington. and you can watch the vice presidential debate live right here on nbc bay area. our coverage begins at 6:00 p.m. tonight right after the "nightly news" with lester holt. at 5:36 this morning remembering a golf icon. a public memorial service will be held for arnold palmer today. thousands are expected to attend the service that will be held in pennsylvania where the famed golfer lived. vince gill is expected to sing and former golf rival jack nicklaus is expected to speak. palmer died a little over a week ago at 87 from heart problems. a jury is expected to begin today. an unfeed woman who is also a former girlfriend accuses rose and two friends of gang raping her three years ago. rose now plays for the new york knicks. his attorneys call the lawsuit a money grab.
5:37 am
they say rose will likely not be in court for jury selection in los angeles but he is expected to appear during the trial. no more sunshine for the so-called rainbow crew. that's a group of thieves who have hit pricey union square stores. more than a dozen members named for their brightly colored hair have all been arrested. investigators say in san francisco alone this crew has stolen $200,000 worth of merchandise. the sfpd says it's not over yet as there are likely more criminals associated with the rainbow crew. only on nbc, a new twist to what's commonly becoming a neighborhood crime. a new home security shows a woman pushing a dog and a stroller and then she picks up a package early saturday morning. you can see her check the stoop there, grab that package and just take off. the victims gave police this video in the hopes that somebody recognizes the suspect. 5:37, police in livermore hope vary lance can help track down an armed bank robber.
5:38 am
he's got a medium build. police say on saturday he showed a gun to a teller at the u.s. bank on second street demanding money. if you know who he is, contact livermore police. also happening today a closed door to discussion a traction involving oakland coliseum properties. last month they made a bid to buy the coliseum along with oracle arena. it's a deal that might help keep the raiders in oakland. at the time the city went on the record rejecting that bid but it ee possible the terms have changed. all right. we talked a lot about the fact that our weather terms have changed. we're back into fall, but a rise later in the week. >> do i wear the boots or not? >> for the next two days you're fine. for the weekend, don't think so. temperatures make a rebound. right now, 50s outside. at least no 40s out there. the cloud cover keeping the
5:39 am
temperatures up this morning. around 1:00, approaching the 70s. the average high is 77 this time of year in san jose. notice below average today. highs in the low 70s. check out the big change starting thursday and friday. san francisco, mid to upper 70s as we start next weekend feeling more like summer, and valley numbers, 80 starts thursday. may get close to 90 before the sea breeze cools us off sunday into monday. mike? >> we're seeing more traffic flowing. not a lot of unusual traffic flow except for two spots i'm concerned about here. it does seem to show a heavier flow as you head down toward the scene of the earlier crash i told you about. approaching 84. the big rig on the shoulder now lanes blocked. it may be slowing. we'll track that. you're clear of highway 84. over here southbound 808 past the san mateo bridge,
5:40 am
tennyson toward industrial we're talking about a trash on the shoulder. there's a report of a transit bus there. no injuries reported. e don't know if the bus is in service. i'll let you know as the agency report back to us. the bridge itself picks up volume. no problems here and no delays on peninsula side. back to you. >> we're moving right along. it's 5:40. what baltimore police are saying this morning after some raider fans allegedly attacked one of their rivals. plus -- a word of layoffs in silicon valley. hundreds of them. we'll take a look coming up in business and techs. got a tip for the bay area's biggest investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area. we investigate.
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==sam/curail== a baltimore ravens fan remainsis life - after police say two raiders fans attacked him a scary moment in the sports world. a baltimore ravens fan remains in a coma fighting for his life after police say two oakland raiders fans attacked him during a game. 28-year-old scott smith and 31-year-old andrew nappy are both from new york. they attacked bower because he allowed a woman to cut in line at a concession stand in the
5:44 am
stadium. >> we have a family sitting with the victim who's fighting for his life. police say the man struck the victim in the back of his head and he suffered brain injury. they're facing assault charges. now a follow-up story we brought you on sunday. wild pigs wreaking havoc in a neighborhood in san jose. they do it every year. it's really been a problem for years. so the city of san jose letting people shoot them. our investigate issue it in reviewed the gun laws in san jose. there are some guidelines you've got to follow. you have to prove that nonlethal methods just did not work. you also have to obtain a permit from the san francisco fishery & wildlife and you have to contact the police one hour before you attempt to shoot the pigs and only shoot the pigs after they've been trapped. go through some steps there. 5:44. the contra costa sheriff's department is providing a $324,000 grant to purchase two
5:45 am
dozen new breathalyzers. a sheriff's office representative says the devices are an upgrade to the one currently used. is it another hit to america's economic engine. new world from silicon valley. good morning to you. 500, laura, many of them coming from the company's headquarters in san jose. it's about 8% of the work-force. we also would not be surprised, honestly, if it were acquired by the end of the year. that's the bad news. the good news, friday's big stockmarket debut roared ahead on monday. 178% above its ipo price. look for a company out of san jose to start trading on thursday. the dreamforce conference begins today in san francisco out at the moscone center. it is truly massive. one out of every eight people in san francisco roughly will be at that conference. google holds its own
5:46 am
convenient this morning where we expect it will announce its new pixel phone. it honestly looks lot like the iphone but runs android. we expect there will be two of them. we expect an echo competitor, amazon. and maybe a sleeper as well, a v.r. headset. googles new assistant is like siri but a different name. apple's got siri and microsoft has cortana and amazon has alexia and google for now is going with assistant. >> it sounds cool. i have an assistant. >> exactly. it does. >> all these bells and whistles and you have your own assistant. >> next we'll have a driver perhaps. let's check out what's been happening in japan overnight. actually no this is not japan. this is italy where the pope is visiting. >> he's in amatrice.
5:47 am
the pope arrived there this morning. he's visiting some of the hardest hit areas. he wanted to visit the area to be close to the people and you can only imagine how uplifting that must be. this is one of two incredibly powerful storms now causing major concern, laura, as we were talking about. the typhoon in japan. we were one story too early. it rolled through japan's prefecture and is moving toward kai u shoe. it did not directly hit okinawa but it still packeted winds of 130 miles an hour. it's the only category 5 typhoon to roll through that part of the world in just half century. 'tis the season within the last hour.
5:48 am
category 4 hurricane matthew has made landfall in western haiti. thousands of people have been ordered to get out of the way. the hurricane is packing 1 140-mile-per-hour winds. it's expected to head north and straddle the florida coast. the tough thing, people are being told to get out of the way. a lot of people have nowhere to go. >> the news coming out over the next 24 hours is going to be awful in western haiti unfortunately with the strong storm. it could make multiple landfalls. it looks like cuba is next and then the bahamas. the massive hurricane bearing down, we think, on the southeastern u.s. there you see it. unfortunately right over haiti and jamaica as it advances northward across cuba toward the bahamas. here's a computer plot of all the weather plots thrown together sometimes referred to as a spaghetti plot. you notice how the lines converge off the coast of florida. here's a timeline we think.
5:49 am
by thursday night just off the florida coast. very likely we will see hurricane watches going up later on this morning for florida and possibly up toward the carolinas. the storm may weaken between now and then but still category 2 or at least a category 1. around the bay area, we had light rain to contend with. we still have the clouds but less lifting action. it's going to take the moisture to rise over peninsula hilltops to get a slight chance of drizzle on the hilltop, clearing skies inland and temperatures staying pretty mild for another day, though we should see 70s making a comeback around soiz bay. north bay, temperatures low 70 today. mid-70s around the tri-valley toward walnut creek. if you like mild temperature, next two or three days are the days for you. the rain stays off to the north wednesday and thursday and for the weekend we're watching this ridge of high pressure building strongly come saturday and watch
5:50 am
how the temperatures rise as high pressure strengthens. san francisco, that's good for fleet week. clear skies, offshore breezes. numbers in the 70s. inland temperatures perhaps as much as 20 degrees warmer in some spots by friday and saturday. could get close to 90. trending cooler as we approach sunday. >> all right, rob. we're looking at a dry day. welcome to tuesday where we have slower spots too. of course, we do. we have southbound 680. again, all lanes are clear but that little distraction has a little more slowing. add a little more than five minutes to your drive. at 880 we have a slower drive toward tennyson where this crash is on the shoulder south of the san mateo bridge but it involves the transit bus, though know passengers are recorded there. we hear of no delays as far as service goes on their line. we're looking at moscone center.
5:51 am
scott talked about dreamforce and fleet week, all those activities going on in san francisco this week. plan on delays throughout the city. as we look toward the city, they have a little bit of a build, there you go. north of 680. that clears up at 880. that's the short segment and the beginning of the south bay commute. back to you. >> thanks so much. craigslist, amazon, and ebay just to name a few and now facebook wants to jump into that shopping action. >> the company says it wants to add a feature it's already adding on its side. about 450 million people use facebook to buy and sell locally. so yesterday they launched a cool marketplace section. to start shopping users can tap shop icon at the bottom of the screen. she's given it up to grandma. a 21-year-old university of kos student was given a chance to win a half million dollars by
5:52 am
hitting a half court shot. she picked someone to do it for he. she's going to use the money to help her grandmother who rescued her and her three siblings from foster care. >> you know grandma is happy. please do not try this at home. it looks strange because it is. certainly don't do it for the sake of everyone on the road. here's an adult in a man-sized big wheel cruising down the highway. obviously without a helmet and no handlebars. his legs are working hard. the driver who captured this thing seems to have a humor about it but may be nervous about what is happening. 5:52 right now. coming up. right when you were used to bring back to the store for your purchases rs things could be changing in a city near you. the plastic bag ban may be no more. but first happening now, a
5:53 am
102-year-old woman fulfills one of her bucketless dreams when officers arrested her. we put a link to that story on our facebook page. plus the pumpkin contests, harvest festivals, and a lot of good food. plan your weekends with our halloween fall guide. we'll be back in two minutes. >> got a tip for our bay area investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail theunit@nbcbayarea.c nbc bay area. we investigate. are
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designing an election system that is hacker pof welcome back. tonight the investigative unit talks to experts who are designing an election system this is hackerproof, but it might not come soon enough. right now almost every voting system used in america including machines used in california were developing after the hanging chad debacle during the 2000 presidential election. the fbi and president obama says those systems are now vulnerable to hackers. but we found technology available in silicon valley that could fix the vulnerabilities. i will not rest until we see the systems deployed nationally because all the votes have to count, so we're not resting. we're watchdogging every moment.
5:57 am
>> so big cities here like san francisco and los angeles have already committed to building these new systems. the trouble is they're not going to be ready until the next presidential election. find out how this new technology is going to work and what officials are doing in the meantime to keep this election secure tonight at 11:00 in the nbc bay area. if you have a tip, give us a call at 1-888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to just when you got used to getting them out of the trunk, plastic bags could be returning to a store near you. two measures are on the november ballot. one aims to overturn a ban governor brown just signed on plastic carry-outbags. the second could be a 10-cent fee to help with environmental concerns. b.a.r.t. isn't onboard.
5:58 am
supervisor scott haggerty wants to extend b.a.r.t. to livermore and connect it to the a-train. we have supervisors and makars from that county, alameda county, working along with business groups. we hope to move that project alo along. haggerty says b.a.r.t. has spent ten years and $12 million on an environmental impact plan with no real progress. b.a.r.t. has not made a progress. right now at 6:00, what a way to have to wake up. a community without a basic necessity this morning. the rush to get water back up and running for hundreds of people living in san jose. police are looking for someone, a package theft suspect. a woman pushing a baby stroller. i'm sharon katsuda. we'll take a live look. several complaints about hotels.
5:59 am
i'm investigative reporter chris kmchumurkmu ka more . an entire community in san jose waking up without hot water. low in the 50s around san jose. we've got mostly cloudy skies. temperatures will be warmer than yesterday but overall still below average. one thing that hasn't changed, light rain. numbers in the mid to upper 50s around peninsula to san francisco. high today, 60s and 70sing but the weekend is going to feel a lot more like summer. we'll show you those warming temperatures ahead to show you what's happening with the morning commute. here's mike. >> unfortunately i have to show you the slower speeds around the bay. nothing dramatic expected here or peninsula. we zoom over to the tri-valley or the rest of the east bay.
6:00 am
southbound 680, about a five- to seven-minute delay. this crash over here just shy of highway 44 involves a big rig from what i understand. the pickup truck involved may be struck. it's a distraction and quite one as far as the slowing goes. just prepower for that. we also have a new crash over there. west 580 toward the split with 238. a word of a crash just getting over. you may have one lane block. that's a tough place for distraction as well. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. a new twist to what's becoming a common neighborhood crime. people stealing packages. but now take a look. a new surveillance video showing a woman pushing a stroller. there's no baby inside. >> we broke this story last night at 11:00. "today in the bay" sharon katsuda joining us live with the investigation now under way. and, sharon, many neighbors are now onto this. they're installing cameras to


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